CULTNAT, which means center for documentation is a Cultural centre in Egypt supported by Bibliotheca Alexandrina and it is supported by the Ministry of communication and information technology. The center for documentation of cultural and natural is involved in a large number of international and domestic programs.

For than 15 years, CULTNAT has been encouraging databases that include field of Egypt’s vast heritage, collecting large amounts of information, applying and making advanced technology and employing highly qualified human resources.

The multilingual database of CULTNAT is a huge storehouse of heritage information, are also fortified with 2D and 3D high-quality pictures. This wealth of knowledge is also circulated through various channels which include the CULTURAMA, Panoramic interactive display system, together with multimedia applications, books, websites, mobile application, websites, virtual reality and GIS applications.

The main aim of CULTNAT is to focus on Egyptian cultural and natural heritage. The former, with all its angles, whether palpable or non - palpable. Many CULTNAT projects are committed to documenting the palpable heritage, beginning with the Archeological Egypt map that employs multimedia along with GIS, Geographical information systems technologies to make a powerful management and documentation tool for ancient Egyptian archeological sites.

Details about the museum artifacts are there on the website involved in the centre, like as the award-winning website the Global Egyptian Museum. The intangible heritage includes the folklore and arts. There are documented projects based on the variations in places like Siwa and Nubian heritage. Stars of Music in the Arab World are the other documentary aspects of art.

CULTNAT has recently begun working in the technology field for museums; how virtual reality models can be kept for the displays in the museum. The first prototype was exhibited in the exhibition “Keys to Rome” held in the Balkan Museum.